Tuna Traffic Turns 7 Years Old

The 7 candles on our Tuna Traffic birthday cake are shining brightly. As we make a wish to blow them out, we can’t help but pause a moment to wax nostalgic. My, how much we’ve grown over the last 7 years! From those early days in 2010 as the newby marketing and technology startup with the oddly fishy name – to now – a dynamically evolved company making undeniable waves in the market.

Where has the time gone, you ask? We’ll tell you. The list below will give you a taste of the areas of innovation and expertise we’ve honed over the last 7 years.

Software Engineering

Customized software development is the name of our game. We’ve established a team of highly skilled Tuna tech engineers focused on tackling complex projects and building tailored applications for a wide variety of customers.

Discovery Workshops

Our ‘Tunafied’ Discovery Workshops build the foundation for our on-going collaboration with our customers. This facilitated engagement provides the tools, discussion, and analysis necessary to identify and align technology and marketing backlog items with our customers’ goals and objectives.

Agile Technology and Marketing Roadmaps

Our Agile Technology and Marketing Roadmaps (ATMR) deliver you the biggest bang for your marketing buck. Based on the detailed findings from the Discovery Workshop, the ATMR is a living artifact we employ with our customers to pilot strategy, guide tactical work, and foster great ideas.

Next Level UX

Today, successful digital marketing doesn’t happen without an engaging UX (User Experience). We partner with our clients to create behavior-based marketing personas that drive every area of UX – from content to brand messaging; from market segmentation to product development.

Smart E-Commerce

Our clients want to know “what levers do I need to pull to grow revenue?” We can tell them. We’re developing e-commerce platforms that identify, track, assess, and attribute e-commerce activity to specific campaigns and promotions. There’s no guesswork here. It’s all hardcore data that drives a sales producing interaction

Exciting New Industries

We recognize and appreciate how every industry has its special technology and marketing niche. Over the last 7 years we’ve masterminded marketing and technology strategies for companies from manufacturers to health and wellness; from transportation brokers to grass-fed meat packagers.

Company Culture

Our industry is a competitive one, and we know that there are many things that go into attracting and retaining great Tunas. We’ve spent 7 years cultivating a culture of happy, talented Tunas, and part of that is making sure they have everything they need – from a fun and supportive environment to work and grow in, to a top notch compensation and benefits plan that includes health, dental, vision, and life insurance.

Our 7th birthday means we’re only getting started.
(Is your business ready to join our celebration?)

Happy 7th Birthday, Tuna Traffic.
Here’s to 7 years of creativity, curiosity, and collaborative agility.
And here’s to many, many happy returns.