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At Tuna, we understand the delicate balance between creating a web presence that is as innovative as it is intuitive. Through our highly collaborative web development services, we aim to build a web presence that is thoughtfully designed with your customers in mind and lays the foundation for capturing key insights to help it grow.

Web Development Services at Tuna

We develop a deep understanding of your business and, together, we create a vision for how this translates into a powerful web presence.

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Site Map Creation

To kick off any new website project, we start with the thoughtful development of a site map. Your site map determines how the content and overall flow of your site will be organized. Our rule of thumb is that is should take less than three clicks for a user to get to where they need to go. When developing the site map, we take your customer personas into account to anticipate what they will need and ensure they can find things quickly and efficiently.

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User Experience (UX) Design

As part of our web development services, our developers partner with our creative team to strategize all aspects of the User Experience (UX) for your site. We take a variety of factors into consideration, including allowing for ample white space, reducing steps for completing various tasks, streamlining calls to action (CTAs) and making the site intuitive overall. All of this amounts to an incredible UX Design.

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Content Management System Development

Our developers know the Content Management System (CMS) WordPress like the back of their hand. WordPress is open-source and extremely versatile, allowing for a variety of integrations and API to power the appropriate functionality for your business needs. Featuring a WYSIWYG Editor, our clients appreciate this CMS for its ease of use (like making edits in a Word document). It's the perfect marriage of high-tech and user-friendly.

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Smart Form Development

Lead generation is the name of the game and our team expertly develops Smart Form functionality to maximize lead capture by integrating with your CRM and/or marketing automation platform to avoid manual entry and create a seamless user experience. We also employ things like conditional logic and other best practices to eliminate extra steps and promote conversion.

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