Site Barnacling: Creating links to your website that have almost nothing to do with your business. This practice is considered a “black hat” technique and can lead to major search engines down ranking your web site for having unrelated links. The assumption is that you are trying to manipulate the web page ranking result in a way the user (searcher) would not desire. site barnacling

Many search optimization company’s use these techniques to bring your web page ranking up. The result from doing this is often temporary and can result in a brief lift in revenue. However, when your website becomes? identified as not natural (paid for or other) you risk being punished by the search engines because you are trying to manipulate their results.

Why? It is in a Big Search Engine’s (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Facebook, etc.) interests to not allow paid for manipulation. Paid for manipulation limits freedom of choice from users. Search engine are used because they offer users a pseudo democratic process of popularity by presenting results that seem most relevant to the? user’s search query. Results are not paid for and they promise to debunk any rigging of the result. The goal is to have web pages be presented on merit of the page and what other users think of it.